We are In The Fight North Brooklyn

The name may be new, but the fight is not.

It all started on the back patio of Trophy Bar one night last August. Over the blasting of air conditioners and the rattling of the J and M trains above, nearly fifty strangers met and bonded over drinks, tacos, and their shared desire to bring about a fundamental transformation of society — more commonly referred to then as “Big Structural Change”. Our story, the story of In The Fight North Brooklyn, begins with the Presidential primary campaign of Senator Elizabeth Warren. But it does not end there.

Senator Warren’s campaign was our singular focus for more than six months as we worked under the name North Brooklyn for Warren. We organized phonebanks, texting events, fundraisers, and canvassing trips to five different states (including Iowa!). Yet what developed on a personal level was just as, if not more, important. Members made deep personal connections. We developed friendships. We found a profound sense of community with each other, as well as a renewed sense of responsibility to our entire North Brooklyn community. When Senator Warren dropped out, we decided to continue fighting for effective, tangible, systemic change.

A big part of fighting for systemic change is accepting that no one individual will be our savior. We respect those who have decided to continue on with more obvious ties to Warren and her campaign, but we decided that was not what was best for our work going forward. Instead, we conceived of In The Fight as a way to build beyond our existing community — to create a collective of neighbors who share our desire to reshape society into one built on true racial, economic, and gender justice and equity.

With this collective we look to endorse and volunteer for progressive local candidates; engage in positive, direct action and mutual aid to meet people’s needs across the community; educate our neighbors on how to get involved in political processes and combat disinformation; and ally with local organizations whose goals and vision align with our own in order to best serve North Brooklyn. We strive at all times to engage with a diversity of experience, ideas, voices, and actions in pursuit of a better world — one that we aren’t afraid to fight for.

Building this better world requires dismantling systems of oppression and taking back power for everyday people who have been disenfranchised, exploited, and targeted for state-sanctioned violence: people of color, immigrants, women, the working class, people across all spectrums of gender and sexuality, the differently-abled, and everyone existing at the intersections. These goals may be lofty and the road to achieve them long, but we believe in the power of small actions taken by a united collective. We believe in grassroots movements and starting small.

In The Fight North Brooklyn is, at its heart, a community united by progressive ideals and righteous anger at a power structure that stubbornly refuses to change. We welcome anyone who shares our ideals and our anger. As Warren said at the end of her campaign, “Choose to fight only righteous fights, because then when things get tough — and they will — you will know that there is only one option ahead of you: Nevertheless, you must persist.” Above all else, we believe we are but a small part of the most righteous fight of all. If you believe this too, and are willing to work for it, we invite you to join us in the fight.


In The Fight is committed to the advancement of progressive politics that leads to structural change in our current social, political, and economic structures.