Stop Anti-Asian Hate: Our Response to the Attack in Atlanta

Last night in Atlanta, a man murdered eight people at three different spas, six of them Asian women. In The Fight North Brooklyn sends our deepest sympathies to the families and community of the victims. We also send strength, love, and solidarity to our Asian and Asian-American neighbors here in New York City and across the country and world. Members of the Asian community and allies have been ringing alarm bells for months now about the spike of anti-Asian violence from Oakland, CA to our own Flushing, Queens.

Though the police offered an explanation of the shooting that suggested the shooter’s intention was to protect himself from the temptation of his sex addiction, it is clear this attack was racially motivated. The fetishization of Asian women is itself an extension of white supremacy. ITF condemns white supremacy in all its forms, and recognizes the violence it perpetuates. We urge the Biden administration and its new Attorney General, Merrick Garland, to take this attack as part of a lasting pattern of racist violence and not as a lone, violent individual.

In The Fight NBK believes in both the dismantling of white supremacy and the uplifting of our local communities of color. Below are some NYC-local Asian-American advocacy groups we highly encourage you to donate time and money to. Finally, ITF encourages everyone to pursue further education about the long history of discrimination against Asians in the United States. We recommend this article, as well as the following reading material: Recommended reading about racism against Asian Americans — Texas Book Festival.


In The Fight is committed to the advancement of progressive politics that leads to structural change in our current social, political, and economic structures.