By Lydia Green (she/her), activist, organizer, and ITF Founding Member, Policy/Education Co-Lead

For a long time, I internalized the idea that to support others was to put aside my own struggles. As someone who experiences both privilege and oppression, I thought that I had to split myself into pieces for…

Endorsing in the spirit of a diverse and progressive city —

In The Fight’s First Endorsement Slate

Members of ITF NBK and other community members gather to inform voters about Sandy Nurse and Jen Guitterez for Council.

Just over a year after officially launching as a grassroots organization focused on advancing progress politics in North Brooklyn, In The Fight has released our first ever full slate of endorsements for key…

Permission to do bad: the Republican ethos

By Matt Duell, ITF Founding Member

At the most fundamental level, our morality is communicated through the stories we tell. …

The words “We remember the 50,000 New Yorkers that we’ve lost” with a sunset over New York City buildings

Just over a year ago, in early March of 2020, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic — and our lives drastically changed. New York City locked down, as did much of the nation. Soon enough, New York City became an epicenter of the virus in the US — and arguably…

In The Fight NBK

In The Fight is committed to the advancement of progressive politics that leads to structural change in our current social, political, and economic structures.

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